Blue Summer Trend – How to Wear Monoblock Colored Fashion


Is the sky blue? It sure is, and so are the runways. There are some prestigious designers like Prada and Diane von Frustenberg who surprised their fans with cobalt blue patterns and designs.

If we compare blue to the other colors, we have to admit that it is more difficult to pull off than the majority of fashionable hues. In case you are planning on having an all-blue attire, you should keep it simple, unless you would like to end up looking like… well… a smurf.

The advantage of this new trend is that it is suitable for just any occasion. From cocktail parties to holidays, from work to casual outgoings, you can be sure that you can’t go wrong with blue.

All you need is a long sapphire dress to make a fashion statement. In case you think you can bare all the people looking at you, you could also rock a pair of bright colored shoes.

You have to get ready for a casual outing? Consider wearing blue trousers or shorts and a plain top. Remember to keep it simple. The advantage of the blue jewelry is that they offer a refreshing sight. If you opt for the electric hues, they will for sure spice up your look.

The bag is also an important element of the outfit. An aqua bag could make wonders for your style, and this is something every person would observe.

Going for a sophisticated and mature look? Opt for the bright colored items and for sure you will achieve the desired effect. In the same time the powerful hues suggest luxury, sophistication and glamour.

If you decide to rock an all-blue attire, you should think about the right makeup as well. It could enhance the look, but in the same time, it could ruin it.

Pale colored dresses are asking for a more vivid makeup, with more vibrant colors, while the electric blue hues require a makeup that is more natural, this way it doesn’t overshadow the dress, and even more, you won’t end up looking like a clown.

Shoes also come in blue shades, but in case the rest of the clothes aren’t blue, it might be quite difficult to pull them off. You will have to opt for neutral colors, like nude or for white and black. Also you will have to think about the color of the bag, so that they will match.

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