Summer Stripes to Dream of Vacation


Summer’s here and it arrives with a whole new set of trends and patterns that you should make sure to get right. If you take a look at the runways, you might be taken by surprise by all the stripes that you will find there.

For some reason this summer seems to be characterized by these patterns. Naturally there are some advantages and disadvantages of the striped clothes.

The advantage is that there is no easier way to combine different colors to create stripes of these kinds. The most popular colors seem to be yellow, orange, pink and red. There are also some other characteristics that you shouldn’t forget about. You might see that in the majority of the cases there aren’t stripes on the entire piece of clothing – just on a certain portion.

Also there is a width that the majority of the designers seem to prefer that isn’t too thin or too wide. One of the disadvantages that are easy to recognize is that the stripes are horizontal.

You can be sure that these clothes will look perfect on the models on the runways, but in case of real women who might have more than just skin and bones, these stripes could accentuate the little belly that they have.

Maybe it takes more than just a little belly to have problems, but the point is that there are a lot of women for whom these kinds of clothes aren’t advantageous. Nonetheless the overall look of them is really fresh and because of the colors that have been used they are just perfect for the summer time.

You could find shirts, dresses, trousers, jackets and so on. The surprising thing is that the power of stripes doesn’t end here; in order to make sure that everything matches regarding your clothing, the big designer houses including Prada also offered accessories that come with stripes.

You should get a purse that looks just like the dress that you have bought to be sure that there is coherence in your style.

Skirts also come with stripes, and although in some cases it could be really good to wear such skirts. In case you aren’t really satisfied with the looks of your behind, you might want to avoid them. It isn’t certain that the skirt will make it look bigger, but probably it will have a negative effect on the self-confidence that you have.

via Summer Stripes to Dream of Vacation | The Fashionables.

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