Summer Bags for 2011 – What’s In?


This season could be called ‘The return of the bags’. You may find every color, shape and material, simple design or as elaborate as possible, on the shelves of the most well-known stores.

One of the main materials that seems to be back in fashion is leather. You might find the leather bags in every color, ranging from natural colors to those very dark.

There are also some suede bags that are going to be really popular this season. These bags can be seen on the catwalks carrying the trendy Gucci design.

Although the leather bags offer a natural range of color, there are also the bags that come in every color of the rainbow. It was not unusual to see on the catwalks yellow, cobalt blue, green and also orange bags.

The advantage of the colorful items is that they go well with just any kind of outfit, including the casual and business outfits.

The format the bags come in this season, include everything you can think of. There are those petit bags that can’t really hold anything, to the large ones, that you could fit your entire wardrobe into.

The length of the rod also varies between elbow length and also hip length. In order to be trendy always remember not to wear the bag across; the point of this season is to stay ladylike.

If you would like to have an elegant and feminine look, try opting for the soft bags. Their majority comes with elbow length rods.

An old trend has returned – matching the shoes to the bag was an 80’s thing and since the season comes bearing 80’s notes, the bags do the same thing. This means that in case you are wearing a dress with a flower pattern, the bag should have a similar pattern, and you must make sure you choose matching shoes too.

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