Karlie Kloss sans classic beauty


I’ll never forget the ‘haircut’. It was high school and all the girls were cutting their hair into chin length bobs. Overnight, the three years I had spent growing out my hair meant nothing. Breathless from excitement, I hurled myself into the stylist’s chair, a pile of magazine tears in my lap. The following week was spent strutting around school flipping my hair to a dizzying degree but as the It-Girl goggles wore off, it became clear that my new trendy cut wasn’t my best look. Not only did it fail from enhancing my features in any way, I ended up looking like every other girl in my class.

One might think such a fluke couldn’t happen to one so flawless as Karlie Kloss but when she donned what one can only assume is a wig chopped into a cropped black bob for Vogue China, shot by Patrick Demarchelier, the nightmare of my high school hair ordeal was the first thing to run through my mind. Sure the look is spunky, playful and heavily on trend and it’s even true that it might suit the energy of the editorial. But there is also something that is lost. In a twist of irony, it is precisely her classic beauty that distinguishes Karlie Kloss from the masses of trendy clones proving that sometimes it’s what isn’t done that makes a person stand out. More than anything, the It factor can’t be attributed to a specific hair cut or color, and – regardless of what the year’s hair trends decree – it should always come down to what suits you best.

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