Essentials vs. Conscious – The H&M Simplicity Glamour


As spring arrives, the retailers start showing off their new collections. One of the most well known retailers of the world is the Swedish H&M.

We have all been looking forward for the new season, and the new products didn’t disappoint the buyers.

There is the Essentials collection, that focuses on well known items, such as jeans and trench coat, but they have been reinvented and so they got new power.

The main point of the new collection is to offer women a casual look through the combination of different elements, such as denim jacket and a feminine skirt.

Although the central idea is being casual, it doesn’t mean that people should be untidy. Actually the entire collection revolves around the idea of dressing in a practical and comfortable manner.

The colors used in this collection include denim, second-skin colors, and also black and white, both separately and as a classic combination.

Another collection that appeared in spring 2011 is called Conscious. The majority of these clothes have a white or bright color and the main point in this case is that they have been created of organic cotton and polyester that we can recycle.

The common idea of the two collections is the fact that both of them have bright colors. Conscious is focusing on offering eco-friendly products while the Essentials collection provides people with clothes that they could wear anytime and in any circumstances because they are stylish and in the same time comfortable.

Another common aspect of the two collections is that they come forth offering people a laid back style.

The fashionable pieces of clothing may seem to be of different styles, but they can surely complement each other, exactly because they cover different notes able to fit the fashionable feminine nature.

via Essentials vs. Conscious – The H&M Simplicity Glamour | The Fashionables.


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