Glamour to Spare in Spring Fashion Accessories


All women dream of creating an impression and stepping out of the box. And a trendy outfit can surely help them achieve that.

Spring 2011 is surely waking up lovely fashion memories bringing back everything we loved about the glamorous 70’s, the shinny 50’s and the hot 90’s.

Eclectic combinations of colors, intricate designs and beautiful details are the things all fashionistas should look for. The accessories come in the loveliest combination of Earth tones, with touches of electric colors and disco style bling-bling.

Sunglasses follow the glamour of the 70s. The large shades in Hollywood style are back for this spring, perfectly fit to make us fall back in love with the disco air. The retro look with oversized lenses and printed frames is all about shading your glaze in style.

The craft style has made its presence felt in the trendy spring jewelry. Sculpted details, delicate frames, stylish touches of gold and most of all, the intelligent combination of natural elements and geometric sophistication allows any woman the dream of being a beautiful princess with high class jewelry.

Beautiful beads combined with metallic accents conquer the heart bringing back the stylish touch of opulence. The belts become bracelets; the bracelets become necklaces transforming the outfits with their touch of sophisticated glamour.

As shoes go, this spring is all about dreaming of the beautiful legs ready to prowl the streets in style. Lovely touches of color from smooth neutrals to the overwhelming black, dressed up with straps or spectacular studs the spring footwear is surely ready to step on the walk of fame.

The spring 2011 accessories are encouraging fashion to create a woman ready to fit the most glamorous state of style. Feel free to combine them with the right outfit and step into the world to be an amazingly looking spring fairy.

via Glamour to Spare in Spring Fashion Accessories | The Fashionables.

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