Proenza Shouler Pre-Fall 2011



[ is that the PS11 we see!? ]

We always wait with bated breath for the next Proenza Schouler collection, and pre-fall 2011 is no exception. While Jack and Lazaro have dabbled in knits before (we are still obsessed with this (Peruvian-inspired knit from resort 2010), it’s nothing compared to the print and knitwear explosion that is their latest pre-fall collection. Guatemala-by-way-of-Switzerland, the collection stays true to Proenza’s knack for inventive color combinations and interesting silhouettes, offering a host of fair isle sweaters in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Particularly noteworthy (for better or for worse) are the extra-long JNCO-esque shorts the duo paired with everything from sweaters to a day-glo orange top coat. If there was any doubt, this sealed the deal that the ’90s are back in a big way (literally). No worries for the uptown girl though, as there are still plenty of beautifully tailored print dresses from which to choose. If this is a taste of what’s to come for F/W 2011, we say bring it on! We can only imagine the glorious textile PS1s that are in the offing…

One Response to “Proenza Shouler Pre-Fall 2011”

  1. the dress prints are amazing

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