Nicki Minaj: From Rapper to Lipstick Creator


You can’t miss Nicki Minaj—a rapper who closely resembles a Barbie doll, thanks to her bubblegum-pink lips, rockin’ body, and often white-blonde hair (okay, sometimes it’s rainbow-colored—sometimes even bubblegum pink to match her lipstick). She’s celebrating the release of her first album, “Pink Friday,” with…what else? A super-girly pink lipstick in a shade called Pink 4 Friday. She’s collaborating with M.A.C. on the limited-edition color, which will go on sale this Friday at (and then only be available for the following four Fridays).

Want to try the vivid shade? Keep the color true by dabbing a dot of concealer on your lips before applying the lipstick, and be sure to wear lots of black mascara and a rosy blush (with an intense lipstick, bare cheeks can look sickly).

via Nicki Minaj: From Rapper to Lipstick Creator : Daily Beauty Reporter: Beauty Reporter Blog:


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