Material Girl designed By Lourdes


Young people who know exactly what they want and are ready to work hard can do miracles. Madonna seems to be aware of this fact because she trusted her daughter Lourdes to design Material Girl line.

is a busy woman. She sings, models and even designs. Her sunglasses line has been launched recently and so will clothing range in the near future. The Material Girl collection which is disscussed widely is said to be the result of collaboration between a style icon mother and fresh fashionista daughter.

admited she couldn’t have completed everything alone and her 13-year-old daughter was the perfect choice to help her.

told USA Today:

Since I have a few careers going, I decided that I wasn’t going to get into designing this line by myself. No question, Lola seemed the perfect choice. She is really doing most of the work. She shows me things and I go ‘that’s cool’ or ‘that’s not cool.’ We both go to business meetings. We exchange ideas, talk things out and even disagree about some things, though rarely.”

’s father, personal trainer Carlos Leon is sure his child has been the creative force of the line coming out soon.

He commented:

She’s 100 per cent the creative force of Material Girl. She knew exactly what she wanted. She’s a trendsetter that draws from all different things to put together a look. She’s into different cultures and brings that into her style.”

Despite the young age of  believes she has a great fashion sense. The girl is influenced by her favorite bands, ballet classes and photo sessions her mother does sometimes.

via News – – Fashion trends from runways to your wardrobe. Chic sophistication and tons of style ideas..


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