What Women’s Swimwear Men Like Best


It is common truth that men and women are different, and so are our choices and preferences. Therefore, if you’ve selected something to wear and want to look great in it you better ask for your boyfriend’s opinion as he will tell you what most other men will think of your attire. Speaking about swimwear this truth also works, and that’s why I decided to tell you what women’s swimwear men like best. Don’t we all want guys to admire us on the beach?

Marie Claire magazine asked 100 random men about some of the most popular trends of nowadays. And as it turned out some of our favorite pieces do not seems attractive to guys. Surprised? I was, too

It’s not a secret that we, girls, often try to find a swimsuit that looks special but facts show that men prefer more conservative styles. Standard two-piece bikini is said to be guy’s most favored suit. 91 percent of men said it looks great. It is sexy and still provides good coverage. And someone even noted that bikini resembles a bra and panties, items that make us look oh-so-tempting. Only 9 percent didn’t like the cut.

The String Bikini comes next. Women tend to believe that the more flesh is exposed the more seductive they look. It isn’t always true according to the poll discussed. 26 percent of men said string bikini is too revealing and leaves little to imagination. So, do they want mystery??? 74 percent of respondednts confessed they were fans of the triangles-and-string ensemble.

I was really amazed to know that one-piece swimsuit seems very flattering to men, 65 percent prefer the look and only 35 percent don’t. However, statictics shows that very few women wear such style of.

via News – MillionLooks.com – Fashion trends from runways to your wardrobe. Chic sophistication and tons of style ideas..

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