Earrings Fashion that Flatters Your Face Shape!


Face Shape: Oval like Julia Roberts
Oval faces don’t possess extreme angles – your face is an upside-down egg-shape, with a forehead that is broader than your jawline, which is slightly rounded. Your cheekbones being your widest facial point.

Earrings Fashion:
Almost any earrings will suit oval faces, so go wild and wear whatever you fancy, even something very fancy! Splurge a little on these gorgeous Twisted Drop Earring in 14K Yellow Gold from MyJewelryBox.com (179.99) that will go with anything!

Face Shape: Triangle like Victoria Beckham
Ladies with triangular faces have broad jaws that are the widest part of the face. Your face is longer than it is wide and your forehead is narrow, with the side of your face tapering from your jaw to your forehead.

Earrings Fashion:
Go with longer earrings and make sure to steer clear of triangle-shaped earrings as your face is already triangular enough! Soften things up with these Murano Heart Glass Earrings from RedEnvelope.com ($29.95).

Face Shape: Diamond like Elizabeth Hurley
Diamond faces are widest at the cheekbones and are narrow both at the forehead and the chin. Your face is usually longer than wide.

Earrings Fashion:
Look for earrings that make your narrow jawline look wider, like pear-shaped earrings and triangle-shaped earrings. You’ll widen and go wild over these Sterling Silver Flat Triangle Hoop Earrings from Amazon.com ($28).

Earrings Fashion that Flatters Your Face Shape!.


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