5 minutes with Eric Tibusch


Eric Tibusch is taking the fashion world by storm.  With an arsenal gained from working under the famed Jean Paul Gaultier, his line —established in 2006— caters to the modern, well-travelled woman who can appreciate the juxtaposition of urban cool with tropical flair.  Where does this inspiration come from?  Inspired by the  Corsica and Tahiti, (where he spent his childhood), his couture and ready-to-wear collections have a flirty side and splashes of color that are likely a nod to his heritage.  Yet, his collections have a certain edge to them —the couture collections in particular have a streamlined, geometric, and avante-garde quality to them that is decidedly Parisian.

Lucky for us, Tibusch put down his scissors and sketch pad for 5 minutes to answer some of iFashionNetwork’s burning questions.
iFashion : What is one piece I should have in my closet this fall and what color should it be?
Eric Tibusch : Black elbow-length leather gloves to wear over the sleeves of a jacket or dress etc…

iFashion : Describe the woman who wears your clothes – including her age, her lifestyle, etc.
Eric Tibusch : She is a modern, emancipated woman, and definitely a city girl! She would have to have a sense of elegance, and would be sensitive to small details with an outlook toward the future. The women I dress are extremely varied in age and background; however, they all love fashion and dare to step away from all that is conventional and conformist.

iFashion : How are world events affecting fashion today ?
Eric Tibusch :
Any world event today can affect fashion. Take for example the global financial crisis which we are all still being affected by. This has changed consumption behaviour. Before, people would buy something just in order to have it, even if it would never get worn. Today people think twice before making a purchase. We are witnessing a growth in individuals who are renting out their luxury items to people who are seeking a dress just for one night. The financial crisis has encouraged this trend, but the democracy of the internet has also too. We can see the effects of world events reflected in fashion, the length of the skirt is the best indicator. During difficult periods, fashion will tend to head towards fantasy, with looks that are more playful and sexy. In contrast, when everything is going well and the economy is stable, fashion becomes more austere once more.
iFashion : In your opinion, what is the worst fashion faux pas a person can commit ?
Eric Tibusch : The worst fashion faux pas is to wear something that doesn’t flatter you. For me its not a question of not being able to experiment, because nobody can judge what is good or bad taste.
iFashion : What is your favorite article of clothing that you own ?
Eric Tibusch : My favourite article of clothing is my tuxedo suit. It’s made of silk taffeta, with a queue de pie tail. It has completely adapted to my morphology, and I consider the material to be very masculine and modern. I feel comfortable, above all, but also very chic and elegant.

via 5 minutes with Eric Tibusch.

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