Zara in Australia: step up to the plate Melbourne


Cities have their rivalries. They claim to be better than others at some things. Some go as far to say that they’re better at all things. In the case of Melbourne, Australia, the grandiose claim is that Melbourne is Australia’s fashion capital. No small statement. And yet, Melbourne, that title could soon elude you.

You see, Australia is catching up with the rest of the world: Zara is coming. And with it will come precisely the kick in the pants that Australia’s retail scene needs; it’ll have to compete on an international level, or Zara will leave it behind. Say what you like of Zara, but they are great at retail while too many Australian stores get by thanks to a lack of strong competition.

But it’s not just retailers that are facing competition. Melbourne as a city will too. It’s claim to be the fashion capital may elude it. Melbourne, it’s time to step up.

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