Do-It-Yourself: Victoria Beckham


Get Victoria Beckham started on the subject of denim, and the designer, former Spice Girl, and world-famous soccer mum can wax poetic to seemingly no end. “Fit is very, very important,” she emphasizes. “You want a jean that is superflattering but also relatively practical. You need to be able to move around in it. When I wear a skinny jean,” she says, “I like it to have a little bag around the knee and the ankle. It’s more modern than something that is tight, tight, tight.” And fabric and finish are no less paramount to the fashion doyenne. “I spend a lot of time making sure we get it right with the wash because there’s a big difference between something that looks authentic and something that looks like it’s been made,” she says. That perfectionist attitude seems to be serving her well. Her denim line, which she describes as “fashion-forward and quite European,” has a loyal celebrity following. But perhaps most telling of all, it makes the grade with Beckham herself. “Everything that I design, I wear,” she says matter-of-factly. What could be more convincing than that?

Vanessa Hudgens, star of the upcoming romantic thriller Beastly, models customized Victoria Beckham jeans alongside the designer. Photographed by David Mushegain

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One Response to “Do-It-Yourself: Victoria Beckham”

  1. They are so pretty. Love victoria and I kinda miss her singing.

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