Trends: 2010



Underwear as outwear? You betcha. Skivvy-inspired looks aren’t leaving anything to the imagination. Dior, John Galliano, Dolce and Gabbana, and Jean Paul Gaultier are all embracing this sexy, yet sophisticated, trend. With corset tops in feminine fabrics like satin and silk, thigh-high stockings, and baby dolls, night turns to day in these daringly bare options.

Dior Spring/ Summer 2010

Neutral tones

Lingerie-inspired couture isn’t the only way to give yourself a barely-there look. This season, the forecast is looking pretty gray. That’s because it’s all about the neutrals. Designers are muting their other hot trend, bold patterns, with these new hues —beiges, champagnes, and grays— this season. So, tone down those bright tops, try a neutral shade, and play up other great features to refresh your look.

Burberry Spring/ Summer 2010

Menswear-inspired Pieces

Who’s wearing the pants now?  Tailored jackets, pants, and vests are not just for men anymore.  Women are taking the power —and their sophisticated look— from fashion-forward males.  Marc Jacobs, Dior, and Louis Vuitton are giving women more androgynous options for work; but it’s not just office wear that is changing gender roles. Many collections are featuring “your boyfriend’s sweater,” belted at the waist to give a more fitted, feminine look.

Louis Vuitton Spring/ Summer 2010


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