TThe City Recap: Olivia Doesn’t Walk in Ke$ha’s Shoes


Last night’s episode of The City was absurd and filled with many lies, but the worst, most absurd lie occurred when Erin asked Olivia if she had seen the new music spread. Olivia says no, and then Erin thrusts the magazine into her hands. Because, you know, Ke$ha was just in the office shooting, like, yesterday in TV time, but the magazine comes out, like, the same day. There’s no three-month lead time in fantasy City land! The leprechauns crawl out from the walls and take the pictures to their secret underground magazine factory and slip them under everyone’s pillows while they’re sleeping — like tooth fairies! Yes, this is a pleasant land, where everything is easy, everyone’s hand gets held, and the job of online reporter also includes getting to style celebrities for cover shoots!! But more on all the ridiculousness, in this week’s lessons.

via The Cut: New York Magazine’s Fashion Blog.


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