Wardrob Chic – Sia –


A soulful pop singer hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Sia Furler is artistic, insightful, and passionate about the visual portion of being a musical artist. While she may be recently known for her hit record “Breathe Me” and writing songs for Christina Aguilera, Sia already looks forward to dropping out of the spotlight. “I hope to put out this album and then be out of your lives forever,” she jokes. We hope not too soon. Her skill at arts and crafts and her penchant for wrapping all electronics in decorative paper (“I hate the look of electronics”), as well as her slight obsession with nail polish, are reflected in her living space, which is no less than a trove of quirky second-hand pieces and homemade art projects. She gives us a tour of her favorites, from her closet to the future kid’s room.

The Look

J’Approve by Kate Hardy jacket
Vintage top from Uzbekistan 
American Apparel leggings
Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shoes

The Look

Vintage jacket from Narnia

“I like Bernhard Willhelm, but I don’t really own any of his stuff because as much as I love the photo shoots and fashion shows, when I go to try something on, it doesn’t look right on me. Jeremy Scott is a friend of mine, and I love his stuff. I like Lover, an Australian brand. 
The Romance Is Born duo are probably my favorite new designers of the moment. They helped me with a lot of my stuff for the album.”

via Wardrob Chic – Sia – Discover More Fashion at ELLE.com.


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