Girl on Girl Kisses – Famous Celebrity Girl Kisses


From Sandra to Miley to Britney, look back at these real-life same-sex celebrity smooches.

Sex tape? So last decade. The new way to reap massive media attention? Two girls, one kiss, and a live television audience. Last night at the MTV Video Movie Awards, Sandra Bullock made a public comeback statement in a major way: She planted a big wet one on Scarlett Johansson. While we thought her saucy move was hilarious, she’s certainly not the first celeb to enjoy a little girl-on-girl awards show action. Click through for some more famous sexy lady smooches.

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson
Take that, Jesse James! In her first public appearance since news broke that her tattooed, motorcycle-loving hubby cheated, the Oscar winner proved she has better taste by getting up on international sex symbol Scar-Jo at the MTV Video Music Awards. “Now that we have done that, can we please go back to normal because therapy is really expensive,” Bullock said after accepting the Generation Award. (And, for the record, this isn’t Sandy’s first girl-kissing rodeo. She swapped spit with Meryl Streep at the Critics Choice Awards in March.)

Miley Cyrus and Her Backup Dancer
The 17-year-old singer caused a stir for what she insists wasn’t actually a kiss at all. During a live performance of her new song, “Can’t Be Tamed,” on Britain’s Got Talent this past weekend, she pretended to make out with a female backup dancer. While the public went absolutely nuts, she insisted it was all a big misunderstanding and took to her website to set the record, er, straight. “I promise you I did not kiss her, and it is ridiculous that two entertainers can’t even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story,” she wrote.

Jessica Biel and Sarah Silverman
MTV awards ceremonies certainly have a way of making women make out. At the 2007 VMAs, Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend and the foulmouthed comedienne almost locked lips backstage. The tease was a play on the “gimmicky” Britney-Madonna moment. “I’m not going to do some stupid publicity stunt so they can make advertising dollars off of their exploitations” Silverman says, before launching in for a near lip-lock. Unlike Brit, this one left everyone wanting more.

via Girl on Girl Kisses – Famous Celebrity Girl Kisses – Marie Claire.

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