What Happened to Lady Gaga’s Met Gala Arrival?


Lady Gaga did not walk the carpet at the Met Gala last night. However, she performed inside wearing a sheer sparkle-encrusted body stocking, which was similar to the sparkle-encrusted body stocking she wore to the Grammys. Last night’s catsuit was also designed by Armani Privé, but The Cut’s patented Diva Sparkle Crust Analysis indicates that they were, in fact, different catsuits (the Met Gala is no place for Lady Gaga’s first public outfit repeat). But her performance, which only the 700 some-odd people inside saw, does not make up for her aborted red-carpet arrival. Surely, many must have thought, without Madonna prancing around like a drunk hooker maid, Lady Gaga would be this year’s Met Gala red-carpet fixation.

Sources tell The Cut that Gaga wasn’t able to walk the carpet simply because she was busy preparing for her four-song performance. She was bummed but wore Prada suits the rest of the night, of which there are no photographs on the wires. At 9:23 p.m. Prada sent out a press release stating that Gaga wore a “Prada black shawl-collar tuxedo,” which would have stood out in a sea of frothy ballgowns. The opportunity to dress Gaga for this occasion is a huge deal for any label, so it’s a shame we might not get to see the look.

But the most interesting part of Gaga’s performance look was not the sparkle crust bubbling to the surface of her limbs like a skin she’ll shed like a snake, but her hair, which was a pretty blonde. Plain blonde, with no yellow or pink or recyclables. And it was so silky. Like a Sweet Valley High girl. Or, perhaps, Anna Wintour.

via What Happened to Lady Gaga’s Met Gala Arrival? — The Cut.

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