Natural Makeup Tips for a Better Than Bare You


Wearing no makeup is so easy, but about about a few natural makeup tips to look gorgeous and (almost) bare?!

Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone your makeup secrets and they will think that you aren’t wearing makeup at all!

Many women want their makeup to look natural. It’s very easy to achieve this look with a few tips.

A natural look is something that doesn’t look overdone and goes with your skin tone as well as your personality.

Start with a good concealer to take away those unwanted imperfections and then follow with your foundation.

Applying a natural makeup backstage at Madrid Fashion Week

Don’t try to change your skin tone, match your face and neck so it looks the same. Powder your face with translucent powder.

For your eyes, stick to earthy tones which are beige, brown, gold, or plum. For more definition you can line your eyes in dark brown, gray or black, just make sure you keep it simple and natural looking.

For a more natural look you can skip the eyeliner and just apply your mascara directly. Brown and navy mascara are a nice option for a natural look.

Blush color should be close to the color of your cheeks and match the earthy tones selected for the eyes.

Finish with a nude or natural color lipliner and lipstick that matches.You can wear a sheer colored gloss over your lipstick or just by itself.

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  1. love cameron’s natural look… gorgeous!

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