Cool Guys Talk Fashion


Mostly we dress to please ourselves and impress our GFs, but here we let the guys weigh in!

elia zois and mariana zois

ON THE TREND: “Mariana looks amazing in this. I’d generally choose subdued colors, but neon…well, it would make it easier to see her at night. And I definitely like the mini trend.”

ON SPENDING: “I find it a little disturbing that women feel they have to spend a ton to keep up with trends. Personally, I wouldn’t know the difference if a dress was this season or last — nor would I care.”

DREAM WARDROBE: “A girl can’t go wrong in the black strapless gown Anita Ekberg wore in the fountain scene in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. If I had to choose one outfit for Mariana to wear forever, it would be a black cocktail dress that doubles as a negligee. And heels at all times. Little joke. As for designers, Prada always looks nice.”

NIGHTMARE WARDROBE: “Most floral prints make women look like a shower curtain. In winter, I hate real fur jackets. It stems from seeing my grandma in one and thinking if it were hunting season, she could get shot! Apart from the fact that wearing innocent animals for adornment isn’t cool, you look ridiculous.”

HIS STYLE TIPS: Toss anything pink — it’s definitely not sexy. Think Levi’s and a plain white tee. It’s simple, sexy, done. It’s not about the clothes — it’s the girl underneath.

via Sean Avery and Bridgette Hall Talk Fashion – Marie Claire.

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