Men’s style gets a bit preppy and playfully boyish with all the right touches…

Yes, yes, my morning giggle is from Naveed’s description of the ubiquitous NYC “hipster” male with his studied unkempt look and style-by-numbers geek clique uniform. If that’s you, please try something unexpected and shave once in a while, why don’t you?!

Have a read as a little style inspiration can take you a very long way. –S.H.

Naveed Hussain came upon a new menswear line & he is really psyched about it!

Living and working in New York city, we are often blessed with inspiration as New York ladies know how turn heads with their inventive sense of high and low dressing.

However, the city’s men, mainly the hipsters who tend to pay attention to their attire, seem to be stuck in a perpetual rut.

Hey hipster guys, is this you?

A typical uniform consists of facial hair, thick black glasses or Wayferers, a trilby, a buffalo plaid button-down, skinny jeans and high-tops or military boots, and we’ve had enough to say the least…

Get your man to say au revoir to the typical.

Say bye to the sporty/preppy 80’s redux, bye to the severity brought on by Dior Homme…

And, say hello to the wonderful hybrid of norms that makes Mjolk’s Fall 2010 collection so quietly strong.

It’s a bit preppy, a bit nostalgic of the 40’s, a bit dandy, and a bit sporty with just the right amount of playfulness brought on by variations in proportion.

There’s nothing awkward, or too forward thinking, everything is simply dead-on in it’s simplicity and ease.

via Mjolk-menswear-mens-style-hipster-guys | FocusOnStyle.com.


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