Genius Wardrobe Alert: Rachel Berry On Glee


Did you dolls catch last night’s season premiere of Glee? Pathetic but true story: I already watched it a second time on DVR this morning! The show has about a gajillion completely genius moments per episode (Sue Sylvester doing Madonna’s “Vogue”? I died!), but I want to discuss the one nearest and dearest to my heart: The wardrobe, duh!

She hasn’t quite bested Blair Waldorf for the most adorable preppy ever award, but I have to admit, I’m becoming more smitten by the minute with Lea Michele’s character, Rachel Berry. Maaaaaybe it’s because I was one of those obnoxiously over-achieving nerdy brunette Jewish girls from the suburbs, too (dolls, I wasn’t just a card-carrying member of the debate team–I carried my violin on the school bus every day!), but I not only find myself excusing Rachel’s often hilariously-boneheaded behavior, but falling in love with her for it. Even better? She’s definitely dressing the part.

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One Response to “Genius Wardrobe Alert: Rachel Berry On Glee”

  1. Lea Michele,,,You are so so so so HOT.And i wish you the best in your career,,,,,You go girl….Sensi G.Rivera

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