To look fashionable dress


The critical global crisis is gradually reaching everyone, and also affecting our closet, but we will not permit it. We have to use our wits, and so we will never cease to look great.

First, we have to take time to make an analysis of clothing and accessories that we want. Let’s see what we will you use in short and medium term.

You don’t have to give away or throw something that eventually lead again, but you must be realistic when you are deciding.

Select what forms a wardrobe, white shirts, black pants, jeans, “little black dress, leather pumps, etc. Separate the arments that you considered a real investment, but are not fashion, it may be that within a season or two re-take, they will become the envy of everyone, so preserve it.

T Don’Save items that are fashonable in a particular moment because if you gained weight, is a mistake, over the years your body changes, and it is doubtful that fit you well again. So yes you can discard these.

Once you’ve completed this selection, please try different combinations, because you probably had forgotten something.

Go shopping ” When you go to buy something specific, such as a shirt, trousers, shoes or a dress in particular, and so on. It is fantastic to wear the garment to combine, so the purchase will be safe, and you will take home something that you’ll be, spending money needlessly.

via Fashion 2010 and Trends.


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