You’re Too Young for Old Lady Hair!


Drew Barrymore’s hair at the 2009 Golden Globes looked older that her “Grey Gardens” costar Jessica Lange’s, who played her mother in the movie and is 26 years her senior

Quick: What is it about your hair that can add unwanted years to your look? Hint: It’s not necessarily those pesky grays.

It’s the parched, brittled and frayed strands that come from years of not enough TLC according to the folks at “We’re living longer, and we’re torturing our hair like never before. Combine that with increased environmental insult and basic chronological aging, and you’ve got an epidemic…for “old lady” hair,” they said. Ouch!

But that doesn’t mean we have to live with lifeless locks that look like they’ve been around the block one too many times. Here are a few tips on how to avoid having your hair give your age away — or worse yet, add years to it:

Prevent Thinning

Did you know that 50 percent of us will suffer from female-pattern hair loss at some point in our lives? Caused by genetics (thanks Mom) or hormones, this can sometimes be alleviated with birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy or topical Minoxidil products. Other factors such as stress, pregnancy, significant weight loss, immune system imbalance or illness can contribute to thinning hair. The key is to seek treatment from a professional dermatologist and to treat your locks with love. Reduce chemical processing, maintain a healthy diet, exercise frequently and use protein-fortified hair products. Also, avoid styles that pull on your hair such as tight ponytails, braids or weaves — not only will this cause breakage, it can permanently damage the roots leaving them unable to regrow.

Get the Right Cut

Can’t remember the last time you had a different cut? Work with your stylist to find one that is modern and yet still works with your face, hair texture and lifestyle. And just because society tells us that older women should not have long hair, if it works for you and is still current, go for it! Just frame your face with light layers.

Another tip? “Bangs can make you look younger,” Luke O’Connor, Suave Celebrity Stylist and co-owner of Lukaro salon in Beverly Hills told Stylist. He also advises us to pick a style that accents our face to soften it and bring out our best features.

via You’re Too Young for Old Lady Hair! – StyleList.


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