Men’s Jackets: Spring 2010


A new season means it’s time for new outerwear. Of course, in any season, it’s important to dress for the occasion. For spring, this rule translates into needing at least one topper to update your business attire and another for your downtime — all while bearing in mind the season’s warmer but more unpredictable weather and the increased time you’ll spend out and about. Here we bring you a selection of spring jackets in a range of price points to help you make your spring shopping list. Some are trendy and dirt cheap (and you’ll want to snap them up right away) while other more expensive models serve to point you in the right direction so that you’ll know what to look for when seeking out a similar style for less.


Mackintosh Rainwear duncan

One of the first brands to produce waterproof raincoats with some semblance of style, Mackintosh continues nearly 200 years later to innovatively fuse impeccable craftsmanship with practicality. Though many companies now refer to its coats as “Macks,” this one is the real McCoy. Though this Mack is a rather upmarket purchase where raincoats are concerned, remember that this handmade, bonded cotton jacket is a piece for virtually all seasons. Understated and classy, this item will be at its best over a sharply tailored, neutral-hued suit.

Price: £415


Zara raincoat

If you’re searching for a polished and professional yet affordable jacket for spring, this cotton topper from Zara gets it right on every count. Details including epaulets and cuff straps add a timeless element to this coat, while some clever fabric work at the back accentuates a v-shape without the bother of a belt, keeping this piece streamlined and modern. What’s more, the numerous buttons on this jacket play into spring’s trend for double-breasted toppers; but, because this piece is not actually double-breasted, it flatters a wider range of body shapes, including larger physiques. Suitable for daily wear, this raincoat will complement v-neck cardigans, dress shirts, jeans, and all of your other office staples.

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