Osman copied by Victoria Beckham?


ANY YOUNG British designer would be flattered if Victoria Beckham borrowed one of their dresses, but a year later Osman Yousefzada found himself fielding questions as to whether Victoria went one step further and added his column dress to her own collection.

Osman first showed his flowing wrapped column dress with internal corset in his autumn/winter 2009-10 collection and, ever since a dress with a similar structure and shape appeared on Victoria Beckham’s New York catwalk in February (see the collection here), the fashion pack have been whispering about the similarity.

“A lot of people have mentioned the similarity to me and of course it is very flattering,” Osman told us from his Mayfair atelier today. “I created the dress by wrapping my bathroom towel at first to get the shape, and then by doing the same thing with material and securing it with an internal corset, so the fabric is allowed to move effortlessly,” the designer explained.

“It is very flattering to think she may have tried my dress and been inspired to create something similar, since it means she must have liked the way the dress was cut and the way it felt to wear,” he said. “I like to dress powerful, confident women so it’s great to think the dress might have inspired her.”

via Osman copied by Victoria Beckham? (Vogue.com UK).

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