Emerging Fashion Photographer: Olga Lavrukhina


Originally from northern capital of Russia, St. Petersburg rising photographer Olga Lavrukhina is taking the San Francisco Bay area by Storm.  As a little girl Olga began to harness her creativity. She had a passion for sewing, drawing, and story writing. Although Olga wanted to pursue her creative roots her family instilled into her “Education First.” She then went to college in Russia and received a degree in Ecology, Biology and Education. Now Olga is going for her master’s degree in photography at Academy of Art University.

Olga photography style is very heartfelt and unique. She approaches each project with subtleness and expands it to its peak. Olga works consist of photojournalism, fashion, lifestyle, portraiture, and beauty.  Olga’s passion for high fashion definitely shows through her images as beautiful fairy tales. She sits down and explains her journey and inspiration as she takes on each photoshoot in our one on one interview. “Life, our life as human beings, as real reality tends to overpower us and make us want to escape into this magical place that we see in our dreams. This unusual magic is what I try to capture even if I shoot lifestyle-I call it La vie de mode. My goal is to make it fun, bright, cute and distinctive.”  Olga also finds inspiration from Mertz and Marcus photography, Nick D` Emillo, and Bruno Dayan. They all inspire her to think big.

Olga ventured to the city of San Francisco about two years ago to live life, to pursue her dream, and to embrace her inner being. Along that journey, that was once by herself, she has met many great friends that encourages her to reach her dreams. Her dreams of  living in a artistic city with easy going  people, a ocean , hills, and great weather has become reality. Within that reality Olga shoots toward her dreams of becoming a successful fashion photographer who travels internationally and who will one day be published in magazines.

Olga states as a photographer you never stop learning. “Every day I am learning more and more and am grateful for those who have paved the way before me and who has taken the time out to help me perfect my skill.” As an emerging fashion photographer Olga doesn’t have much assistance and has to multi-task each shoot as if she has a team. Although this can be time consuming and frustrated Olga charismatic personality and dedication gets the job done and the end results are phenomenal.

Olga has collaborated with several local businesses such as Pigment Studio, fashion designer Joseph Doming, and Erin Mahoney. As an artist you have to have the drive to make things happen and Olga Lavrukhina has that drive. If you don’t believe it than take a look at her work at http://www.olgalavrukhina.com for it speaks for itself.

via Emerging Fashion Photographer: Olga Lavrukhina.

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