Best Bet: Sugar Coated


Spring is finally in the air, so our dark fall colors are being retired to make way for a sweeter, more delicate palette to celebrate the sunshine. Leading the way is Maybelline’s new limited-edition Sweet Thing collection that is filled with feminine pastel shades. The Color Sensational Lip Gloss ($6.49), Express Finish Nail Color ($4.25), Eye Express Cream Shadow Stick ($6.95), and Expert Wear Duo Eye Shadow ($4.50) come in sugary names like Sweet & Sassy, Goody Plum Drop, and Oh My Meringue, and of course are soft, pretty pinks, minty greens, and frosty blues. Even if the temperature drops by 20 degrees and we get another freak storm like last weekend, at least our eyes, toes, and lips will continue to look girly and playful.

$4.50 to $6.95 at Duane Reade stores

via Best Bet: Sugar Coated — The Cut.

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