Angelina’s Impermanent Ink, The Hard Truth About Wrinkles, And More…


Ever wonder how Angelina Jolie covers up her many tattoos on film sets? The answer is CoverFX foundation, apparently. Hollywood wannabes with ill-advised ink, take note. [Stylelist]

“Apart from dying, there is, to date, no permanent cure for wrinkles.” Thanks, New Yorker, for your blunt honesty. [New Yorker]

Politicians are people, too, and most of them are just as nervous about their foundation as they are about their speeches before they go on live TV. Bi-colored skin mask certainly doesn’t help matters when you’re talking health care reform. [Huff Po]

A new round of “Got Milk” ads highlighting the health and beauty benefits of drinking milk is slated for TV. One spot features two long-locked models who almost come to blows over the severity of their glimmering strands before a voice-over comes in with the tag line, “Shiny hair, part of another perfect day in Mootopia.” Mootopia. Ha! Those marketing geniuses have done it again.

via Beauty Counter blog: Insider tips on beauty products, hair, makeup, skincare, fragrances, spas, and salons.

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